Our Products

Listed below are a few products that we manufacture, however, we cooperate with all our customers to customize the products as per their requirements.

Item No. Name of products
1 Automotive & Transformers Industry Rubberized Cork Sheets / Gasket / Components / Frames
2 Nitrile Rubber Nitrile Rubber Sheets / Gaskets / Cord / O Rings / Components.
3 Neoprene Rubber Nitrile Rubber Sheets / Gaskets / Cord / O Rings / Components.
4 Viton Rubber Nitrile Rubber Sheets / Gaskets / Cord / O Rings / Components.
5 Stationery Bulletin boards
6 Industrial Frictional components
7 Packing Granulated cork.
8 Auto Industry Agglomerated Cork Sheets for gaskets /clutch

Product Details

  • Rubberized Cork Sheets and Gaskets

    Rubberized cork sheets are made of virgin clean granulated cork mixed with Nitrile or Neoprene,which is compressed to form a block, then split into sheets. Cork Rubber is a product with unique characteristics and applications in a wide range of industries, notably automotive, electrical equipment, gas, construction, surfacing, industrial equipment, transformers and railway industries. Cork Rubber combines the compressibility and recovery characteristics of cork with the flexibility and shelf life of rubber, making it an excellent product for sealing applications.  The materials are manufactured with various binders in a banbury process.  Nitrile and neoprene are common binders used, but special synthetic rubbers like, Silicone can further enhance material performance. As in the past, we would be pleased to assist you in identifying the products that best meets your specifications.
    All grade are available in machines shaped and die cut parts made to your drawing and specification.
    The Products confirms to IS 4253 Part II 2008 RC 70 C & RC 80 C Grade

  • Composite Cork Sheets

    Composition cork sheets are made of virgin clean granulated cork mixed with resin binder, which is compressed to form a block, then split into sheets. These sheets have properties of good resistance to water, oil and solvent also, they are known for good compressibility characteristics.

    The products accords with IS: 4253 part I 1980

  • Cork Floor Tiles

    Cork floor tile is made from natural cork granules. These are basically, the high-grade resilient floor tiles. These products accords with international standard ISO 3813. These tiles are popular amongst the current generations these days as cork has the special cell structure of porous thin wall cell that is non slippery and anti- vibrating. This is of great advantage for the user’s health and comfort.

    The product has also many other properties, such as insulating heat and sound, insulation, no static electricity, resistance to liquids (water, oil, dilute acid, soap liquid etc.) not mildewing, isolating moisture, non-poisonous, easy paving and cleaning, good decorative effect etc.

    This floor tile is suitable to home, high grade guesthouse, meeting room, library, broadcasting studio, kinder garden, computer room, hospital, bath room, test room etc. This product is specially suitable for the places that requires quiet, non-slippery, water and moisture resistant surroundings

  • Granulated Cork

    Cork is the bark of the cork oak tree. This tree produces a layer of cork every 9 years, so taking the bark off does not kill the tree. The bark is then used to make wine corks. The process of manufacturing wine corks results in corks and cork waste. 70% of the bark ends up as cork waste. Granulated cork is made from only the waste by-product of industrial cork production. 

    Cork grains are used for a variety of industrial components such as batteries, various fillers, insulators, or as compounds to be mixed with other materials. Granulated cork is natural and light in weight. Exact mesh sizes and densities are produced to meet customer’s specifications and requirements. ICI works with customers to ensure correct mesh size and densities to meet specific needs.ICI supplies cork grain in many different sizes ranging from the finest “powder” to large 12mm (1/2”) chips. Cork grain is also available in either a light natural color or a dark brown color. It is normally packed loose in bags or compressed in bales

  • Anti Vibration Sheets and Pads

    Most machines cause vibrations which can create uncomfortable working condition and an intolerable atmosphere. These vibrations may also decrease the machinery's life. High density expanded agglomerate planks of cork are a very efficient means of insulating machines and muffling vibrations.

    Sound-Deadening Cork
    Due to its low conductivity of sound and vibrations, cork has one of the best insulating capacities of natural materials. It absorbs noises that improves acoustics in the room and insulates against both inside and outside noises.

    Anti-Static Sheets and Pads
    Any static sensitive machinery or equipment should be placed on cork sheets to avoid electrical influences caused by potential static.

  • Nitrile(Buna)/Neoprene/Viton(FKM)/Silicone Sheets, Cords, ’O’ Rings, Gaskets,Strips Etc

    We are a prominent organization, which is engaged in manufacturing and supplying Nitrile/Neoprene/Viton/Silicone cords, "O" Rings, Gaskets, Strips, Frames , Moulded etc as per the customer specification, design, required by them according to the BIS 2751 Grade BR60,BR70 & BR 80.

    We use the best grade imported Raw Material to offer our customers the material as per their specification/requirements. We ensure its flexibility, very good tensile & stability for its durable, suitable use in Auto, Electric & Transformers Industry.

    Prior to dispatch our quality controllers check the end products to ensure their defect- free nature.
    These are highly appreciated by our clients for their durability, high performance and efficiency.
    The materials  can perform on temperature range from -20° C to +200° C.
    Our offered range is known for having a low compression set and high temperature and chemical resistance.

  • Aircell

    Aircell is manufactured in highly sealed envelop consisting of a highly resistant polyamide fabric coated with synthetic elastomers. It hangs in conservator by connecting flange and a strap on each side, when oil level increases the aircell gets deflated by expelling air out and vice versa when the oil level drops it inflats and allow air to come in.Aircell breathes without allowing the outside air to get in contact with transformer oil.